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Metal Roofs

 A major emphasis on prepping, priming, and using high end products coincides with knowledge gained through 20 plus years of experince to provide you with the highest quality roof avaliable. Colors are abundant and rust is no issue. Weber Painting, LLC has painted many Culver's restaurants throughout the Midwest and several Pizza Huts here in Wisconsin.


For the last few decades Weber Painting, LLC has perfected the process for painting gorgeous barns. That process consists of multi-coats for red barns and a "spray-roll-spray" routine for white ones. Barns across Wisconsin, as well as in Minnesota and Illinois, are not limited to those colors however. You will not be disappointed either, as Weber Painting, LLC has never had a recall.

Grain Facilities

Weber Painting, LLC is equipped to take on the largest grain facilities throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Our process is once again one of the finest around, using multiple coatings of either zinc, aluminum, or acrylic- depending on the metal substrate.  


Large businesses or corporations are also painted by Weber Painting, LLC. We operate in places where foot traffic is usual. If your business needs a facelift, look no further than Weber Painting, LLC.


With any other project that you need painted, Weber Painting, LLC has you covered!

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